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Have you ever stood in front of an art piece and felt stuck? Have you wondered what you're supposed to be doing? What you're supposed to be feeling? 

With a How to Look at Art workshop, you'll learn strategies for having a meaningful experience with art. Learn tips pulled from the latest research and enjoy interpreting and debating artwork with others. After two hours time, you'll walk away with a new set of real world skills.

To book, use the form below to set up a time and date. Workshops are $100 for groups of any size and last approximately two hours. Payment will be taken care of when the final workshop date is confirmed.

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Workshops are available in Grand Rapids, Comstock Park, East Grand Rapids, Grandville, Kentwood, Plainfield Township, Walker, and Wyoming, MI.
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Workshops last for two hours and are available on the times and days below: Mon: 8am - 9pm Wed: 7pm Friday: 8am - 3pm
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